About us

We specialize in import - wholesale - mail order through our website dynamic model radio controlled items.
Indicative list of products distributed by xxx Model:

Model Aircraft
- Electric planes and gliders, complete and ready to use RTF / ARF
- 3D Electric helicopters for beginners, complete and ready to use RTF / ARF

Model cars
- cars and road racing rallygame 1:10 scale electric and internal combustion
- racing cars scale 1:8 - 1:10
- 1:8 scale Monstertruck
- electric and internal combustion 1:10
- 1:8 scale offroad buggy
- 1:10 and bursting with electric 4x4 wheel drive (4WD) complete with engine and radio control RTR

Electric motors and internal combustion
- brushed and brushless electric motors
- variable speed brushless brushed
- NI-MH batteries and caricabetterie and LIPO
- glow engines to gasoline and motor cars

Parts and accessories
- aluminum tools and upgrades
- spare parts for cars ATHENA
- spare parts for airplanes and helicopters ART-TECH
- spare parts for Maxiscafi LIGHT PURPLE
- spare parts DRAGON and motorboats for Maxiscafi HOBBY
- Starter Kits, scaldacandele, nitro mixtures

All our products are CE and ROHS compliant (Restriction on Hazardous Substances), which provides for the prohibition and restrictions of use of certain substances, which are considered dangerous, in electrical and electronic equipment. The purpose of this Directive is therefore to limit the use of hazardous substances in order to contribute to health protection, recovery and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment in the environment.




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